Samsung compared the Galaxy S9 with the braking iPhone 6 in advertising. This is normal?

Samsung is again trying to lure iPhone owners to its products. The company released a new commercial.

The video shows a small story of a girl who flies in an airplane to her sister. And she constantly has some bugs in iOS 11.2.6 on the iPhone 6.

On the general background, this looks, at least, strange. Old and already weak iPhone 6 against the new powerful Galaxy S9.

It’s unclear why Samsung refused to show the functionality of the iPhone X or the iPhone 8, 8 Plus in advertising. After all, if you are trying to lure customers, you need to make a comparison with a direct competitor, and not with a smartphone, released in 2014.

By the way, Samsung does not even hide that it imitates these bugs. In the course of the video, TV and Wallet applications were opened, but none was shown to be workable. Only the way they slowly loaded. Macrumors ]

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