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Robots can not replace women – they are too smart, educated and sympathetic

Scientists and experts regularly frighten people: soon robots will take your jobs. As a rule, they keep silent the fact that robots will create new ways of employment. However, of course, the trend raises fears, as there will be fewer new jobs. So, according to some forecasts, by the year of 2020, about 7 million jobs will be lost, but this loss is compensated by 2 million new jobs that will arise with the improvement of technologies.

Researchers argue that the chances of losing a violent place are higher for men, and women will almost certainly retain the post. The reason lies in the fact that the weaker sex prevails in areas where a high degree of participation, various social skills, empathy is required. And robots in this respect are unlikely to make a competition in the near future. Probably, and remote.

In addition, in advanced economies, women are better educated, have a higher degree of literacy.

Of course, robots will also affect the employment of women, but historically, innovation and technological improvements have less impact on them than on the male population.

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