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Results of Google I / O 2018. Google has torn Apple

We looked forward to this presentation. Almost as much as any Apple event.

Google, of course, is a strong competitor to the guys from Cupertino. After her: constantly improving Android, own cool Pixel smartphones, curious Wear OS and much more.

We will update this article promptly as information becomes available.

The first serious changes!

Google has fixed the display of emoji burger and beer. That’s what we’ve been waiting for a very long time!


Okay. Let’s be serious. All innovations will soon appear in this article.

Machine learning

Google has repeatedly stated that it places great emphasis on the technology of machine learning. There are already several living examples.

First, the company learned to use the Morse code to control the keyboard GBoard.

Awesome useful thing for people with disabilities. What can Apple say about this?


Secondly, the technology allows us to share simultaneously speaking people. That is, the system is able to understand who and what says. Amazing!

Google Photos

Google Photos has learned to digitize old photos. Moreover, there was a technology that gives black and white images of natural colors.


The system also learned to define and scan documents. And also instantly convert them to PDF-files. Just like in the iPhone.

In addition, in Google Photo will appear technology Suggested Actions, using AI for various useful actions when viewing photos.

For example:

– Share photos on which a familiar person appears
– Zoom the exposure on a too dark photo
– Turn a photographed document into PDF
– Color a black and white photo

Google Assistant

The first and very cool innovation – voice assistant will be voiced by the popular singer John Legend.

The second point, very important. Google Assistant will speak in 30 languages ​​and will be available in 80 countries. And even in Russia . Hooray!

Updates will reach Russian users later this year.

Another innovation: support for Google Maps .

Oh yeah! Google Assistant has learned to talk like a living person . During the conference, the head of Google talked to the digital assistant, and we did not see any difference with the real person at all.

And Google Assistant is able to call for you in the restaurant and book a table. Hardly anyone can distinguish him from a living person.

Demonstration of a call

And if you start a dialogue with Google Assistant, you do not have to say “OK, Google” every time.

Sorry, Siri, but it’s time for you to retire.


The popular mail application GMail is also cool updated. In addition to a completely new design, of which we wrote earlier, the application has learned another cool chip!

The program will literally write messages for you. There will be a function of auto-adding phrases based on the written. iOS still can only add words. And that is not always correct.

Google News

Announced updated service Google News. This news aggregator, such as Apple News, but available not only in one America.

When you open the application you will see 5 top stories, actively read by users. Naturally, you can subscribe to your favorite channels, watch videos and stuff.

Also announced a new format Newscasts. I think it’s not necessary to explain what it is. Like Podcasts, only in the news format.

There was a convenient function called Subscribe with Google.

No more credit cards, forms to fill out or passwords.

Android P

Here comes the official announcement of Android P. This operating system is completely tied to the interaction of mobile devices and artificial intelligence.

The first innovation: improved control of the autonomy of the device. For this, the company cooperated with DeepMind. Artificial intelligence will control the battery consumption.

Continuing the theme of AI, Google announced the function Adaptive Brightness. It will be responsible for automatically adjusting the brightness for each user action. Especially when he uses this or that application.

By the way about applications. Android P has become a smart operating system. Therefore, it appeared “chip” with the name App Actions.

It analyzes the user’s actions and offers him some related actions. For example, you want to go to the movies on the new Avengers. “Android” will offer to first look at the trailer on YouTube, and then buy tickets.

Interesting, but long-known, innovation was a control system with the help of gestures. Just like in the iPhone X. Svayp from the lower edge leads to minimizing the application and opening multitasking.

And by dragging the key to the side, the user can move between open applications.

Android P will keep track of how much time you spend in applications . Each program will be assigned its own time automatically, or the user can configure it himself. The application icon will turn gray after the time has elapsed.

Another new gesture is Shush . The smartphone automatically switches to Do Not Disturbwhen you flip over and put it downside-down.

Announced cool mode Wind Down . With its help, all the colors on the smartphone’s screen are painted black and white at night and automatically become color closer to the morning. So Android P will reduce the burden on the eyes.

Google Maps have become a bit “smarter”. They have learned to show convenient routes for motorcyclists, and also to search for complex queries. For example, “the restaurant next to me, open 24 hours, there is a pizza.”

Google Street View now uses artificial intelligence. The camera now shows you in which direction you are moving.

And on the screen there will be a small block showing your current location.

Do not forget to mention and about Google Lens . This technology allows the camera of the smartphone to determine what is in front of it now. Well, give the object a brief reference. The function will be built into the regular Camera application for all new devices that support Android P.

The technology allows you to copy text directly from the image and transfer it, for example, to a message.

Open beta test Android P starts today. Register for testing at this link .

Top apps on Google Play

On the eve of the presentation of Google I / O, the company presented a list of the best applications and games released in the last year. Nominees for the Google Play Awards were nine developments from talented programmers and studios from around the world.

Simple Habit

The application is recognized as the winner in the Standout Well-Being App category. In fact, Simple Habit is an aggregator of audio tracks for meditation.

In total there are more than a thousand different compositions in the application. Fifty of them are available for free. To gain access to the rest, you will have to pay a paid subscription.

Be My Eyes

This service greatly facilitates the life of people who are experiencing visual problems. It works simply: the user points the camera at the object, and the algorithm for recognizing the application Be My Eyes reads what it sees.

Khan Academy

Thanks to this application, users will be able to access educational courses in biology, economics, mathematics and a huge database of educational videos.

In total in Khan Academy more than 10 thousand videos, as well as 40 thousand answers to questions from a variety of topics.

Old Man’s Journey

This puzzle was nominated in the category of “Outstanding indie development.” The protagonist of the game is a lonely old man. The game has an amazing atmosphere, beautiful design and extraordinary tasks.


In this game you have to create your own character and teach him how to communicate with people. From the communication skills of the hero depends the success of the passage. The gameplay is represented by beautiful illustrations with dialogs.

BBC Earth: Life in VR

Google decided to support the development of a virtual and augmented reality by giving up a run to the BBC Earth application: Live in VR.

Playing for one of the natives, using a smartphone camera and listening tips, you can plunge into the mysterious underwater world, without going beyond your apartment.


Flipkart is a well-implemented mobile client of the Indian retailer Flipkart. Google appreciated the thoughtful interface and convenience of Flipkart, noting the application as the best in the category Standout Build for Billions Experience.


Graphic editor for creating postcards and collages. The main highlight of Canva is free.

Empires & Puzzles

This is another representative of the genre “three in a row” with a very original gameplay. Moving magic stones, you will accumulate the fighting power of your own squad of superheroes. The task is to conquer all evil.

Google was able to unrealistically surprise

It seems that Apple will have to work hard on the nearest WWDC. Google was able to do the incredible.

The company brought the voice assistant to the level of a living person. Even by voice it can not be distinguished.

And even small “chips” of Android P were pleasantly surprised. That there is one update of the Google Maps application or writing messages in the GMail application.

Google was able to really deeply integrate the technology of machine learning into devices on Android. I do not want to make loud statements, but Android at such a rate can easily outperform iOS if it has not already done so.

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