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Media: In China, officials every two months live in homes with Muslims and monitor them

The program is called “Becoming a Family” and while working only in the north of the country.

Beginning in 2018, about two million Chinese officials are resettled every two months in their homes to Muslim families and live with them for a while. Officials monitor them, and then write reports to the government. This was reported by the publication Human Rights Watch.

The program is applied in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, where 11 million Muslims live, including the Turkic Uyghur people. “Becoming Family” is aimed at the assimilation of ethnic minorities into Chinese culture.

Officials live in Muslim families every two months for some time, and forcibly teach their Mandarin language, the proper execution of China’s national anthem, and also assess their political and religious views. According to HRW, officials also need to inspire the inhabitants with the “Xi Jinping thought” and warn them about “pan-Islamism”, which in Beijing is considered a threat.

This practice was first used in 2014, when 200,000 officials regularly visited and evaluated families. By December 2017, their number had grown to a million, and they began to spend with Muslims a full week every two months.

HRW noted that the level of surveillance of the population in northwest China has reached previously unthinkable proportions and the authorities violate even basic human rights, such as privacy, the rights to family and cultural values.

Muslim families in Xinjiang literally sleep and eat under the watchful supervision of the state in their own homes.

Maya Wang
investigates in Human Rights Watch

Usually, Chinese authorities use a more technological approach: for example, connecting all CCTV cameras in the country to the face recognition system. In China, people can be found in search even in a large crowd of 60 thousand people. And face recognition technologies are used even so that students do not get distracted from the lessons.

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