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London Jews held a moleben at the Parliament building for 62 dead in Gaza, 50 of which turned out to be Hamas fighters

Public reading of the prayer for the Islamists aroused indignation among passers-by.

A frame from the video Saying kaddish for Hamas. Original Israel Advocacy Movement

About two dozen members of the Jewish community of London organized a rally in memory of 62 people, whom the IDF soldiers killed during the riots on the border with the Gaza Strip. Reformed Jewish women, under the leadership of a female rabbi, read a memorial kaddish (traditional prayer) with a mention of the names of the dead.

The activists’ actions aroused indignation among several passers-by. An unidentified man who attacked the protesters with an abuse, tried to point them at a fragment of the Palestinian broadcast. In the video about which he spoke, a member of the Hamas Politburo Salah Al-Bardawil (Salah Al-Bardawil) named 50 of the 62 dead members of the radical Islamist organization.

“The Hamas spokesman Salah Bardawil just confirmed during a probably tasteless interview on Palestinian television that the Israeli authorities say so: 50 of the 62 dead on the border with Gaza on May 14 were Hamas operatives. The investigation itself leads! ”
On May 14, mass protests on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish state were held on the border of Israel and the Gaza Strip. About 40 thousand people took part in them, 60 of them died, and about 2 thousand – were injured.

On the eve of the protests, the leadership of the Hamas-controlled Islamic radical movement, the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, called on the Palestinians to break through the border. Its representatives distributed cards in social networks with routes to the nearest Israeli settlements, and on the spot they handed out tires and combustible substances to protesters.

“The terrorist from Hamas, who reached the border fence between Gaza and Israel, was caught on camera. He explains how Hamas is forcing civilians to participate in acts of violence against Israel ”
According to the IDF, whose soldiers fired at the most aggressive demonstrators, the protesters threw homemade explosive devices and Molotov cocktails in the direction of the military. It was also reported that only half of the victims subsequently found gunshot wounds.

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