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In Yekaterinburg, someone put the symbol of the World Cup 2018 on a wasteland by the railroad. The authorities demolished it

The administration is sure that the construction was installed by some fan.


Photo from Telegram-channel “Mutko against”

On May 16, in the Telegram channels , photos from Yekaterinburg spread on which the symbol of the World Cup 2018 is set next to the railway tracks near Koltsovo station. The authors suggested that the design was set by officials, but did not specify when and by what principle the place was chosen. Telegram-channel “Mutko against” called the wasteland “the best place to advertise the World Cup”.


The design with the FIFA logo stood for a few days and to the May 17 disappeared from the pedestal, found out the local edition of E1. The authorities of Yekaterinburg and the local branch of RZD disowned the logo, but only after dismantling the administration told about its author.

According to officials, an unknown fan from Yekaterinburg installed the symbol of the 2018 World Cup on the wasteland on its own initiative for its own money. However, under FIFA regulations, this is prohibited.

So he [the fan] decided to welcome the guests who will come to Yekaterinburg for the FIFA 2018 FIFA World Cup this summer. We are grateful to him for this gesture and welcome the private initiatives of the fans. Unfortunately, he did not know that only sponsors, licensees and city-organizers have the right to use official symbols after agreeing with FIFA. Therefore, it was decided to dismantle the installation.

press-service of the administration of Ekaterinburg

Representatives of the press service did not tell how the authorities learned about the installation of the structure.

Empty pedestal on May 17 after the dismantling of the structure. Photo E1

Ekaterinburg has become one of the Russian cities that host the World Cup 2018. Matches of the championship in the city will be held on June 15, 21, 24 and 27.

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