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In the Instagram added the ability to publish records from the tape in “Stories”, even if they are strangers

You can do it in one click.

Instagram has added the ability to publish regular recordings from the tape to its “Stories” using the “share” button. You can turn into “History” not only your publication, but also any other of the open profiles.

Today we present a new way to share records from the tape in your story. When you see something in the tape that inspires you – for example, a record of collecting money from a friend or a photo of the new design of your favorite brand – now you can quickly share these publications as a sticker in your story with friends and subscribers.

from the Instagram blog

To add an entry to the “History” you need to click on the “share” icon and select “create a story with this publication”. After that, in the “History” will be a sticker with the original recording and a custom background. Like other stickers, it can be rotated, enlarged or moved.

If you publish someone else’s record, the name of the user who owns the publication will automatically be added to it. Those who do not want their entries added to the “History” will be able to disable this feature in the settings.

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