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In Argentina, sealed booklets for guests of the 2018 World Cup with the advice not to talk about sex with Russian girls

The local football association is trying to find someone who authorized the publication of such a benefit.

Argentine journalists found the chapter “What to do to have chances for a Russian girl” in the manual “Language and Culture of Russia”. This booklet was distributed to participants in preparatory courses for fans, players and journalists at the headquarters of the local football association.

“The AFA style manual on the World Cup is very modern”

In the note, the guests of the 2018 World Cup were recommended to monitor their appearance and behavior, not to turn women into sexual objects and not talk about sex in public, and not be boring and pessimistic.

Russian girls, like any other girls, pay close attention to whether you are clean, whether you smell well and are well dressed. For them, the first impression is very important, so watch your way.

Russian girls do not like objectification. Many men want to drag Russian women into bed, because they are beautiful. Perhaps they also want it. But they are also people who want to feel important and unique. Council – treat a woman before you as someone of value, having their own ideas and desires. Pay attention to their values ​​and individuality.

Do not ask stupid questions about sex. For Russians, sex is something very personal, and they do not discuss these issues publicly (maybe you do not believe me, but I know the men who do it).

Russian girls hate boring men. If you do not have topics that you can talk about, or think only about what to say next – you do not enjoy the moment, and will be disconnected from it. Remember that you are a foreigner, and you can talk about your country, about how you live, or about what you saw in your country. Remember that it is very important to invite her to participate in your conversations. Try to speak with her very honestly.

Do not be negative. Women avoid people who see only the negative aspects of work, relationships and life.

Do not ask typical questions, be original. Usually they like to know others, so give them some information about you. Remember that many of them will not know about your country, because of what you will have an advantage over Russian men – you are new and others. Be confident.

an excerpt from the chapter “What to do in order to have chances with a Russian girl”

The main purpose of the booklet was to get the best experience from traveling to Russia during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. However, as soon as the manual found a suspicious chapter, the handouts were immediately asked to return.

According to the author of the pamphlet and the leading course of Eduardo Pennisi, he did not have any malicious intent in writing this passage. Representatives of the Argentine Football Association launched an investigation to find who gave permission to include such a chapter in the manual or could “sabotage” the publication at the press stage.

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