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Google suspected of cheating with a Google Assistant call to the restaurant

Do you remember how last week during Google I / O 2018 we were shown incredible opportunities to communicate Google Assistant with real people? There is an opinion that it was a fake.

Journalists Axios conducted a small investigation. Let’s look at it.

Firstly , at the answer the hairdresser and restaurant staff said “Hi, how can I help you?” And “Hello, can I help you?”.

Before this, operators usually call the organization that received the call. This is done with the goal that the client is not mistaken when making a call, plus a banal etiquette.

Secondly , Axios phoned over 20 organizations, including those that could be in Mauthin View. This is a native city for Google. At the answer all began conversation with the name of the company.

Thirdly , during a telephone conversation, none of the operators bothered to ask either the phone number or any other contact information of the client. Only the name.

Demonstration of a call

Axios representatives tried to find out directly from Google whether the phone conversation was edited. The publication noted that it promised the corporation not to disclose these institutions in its publication.

The company still refused to give any comments on this matter. Draw conclusions. Axios ]

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