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Goalkeeper of the Russian national ice hockey team was taken to the ice in a cart because of heavy ammunition

And the music of the “Imperial March” from the “Star Wars” was imposed.

May 15 goalkeeper of the Russian national ice hockey team Vasily Koshechkin was taken from the locker room of the team on a cart. The moment was shown in a live broadcast before the second period of the World Cup match against Sweden, and later they imposed on him the music of the “Imperial March” from the “Star Wars”.

Acting head coach of the team Ilya Vorobyov said that because of the heavy equipment Koshechkin hard to get to the ice, so it is carried on the cart. The location of the dressing room at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, where the competitions are held, also hinders.

This is because we are very far from the dressing room. The site has to be bypassed, because the pass closest to us is refused. They say that if you open it, the ice on the platform generally melt. And Vasily has 110 kilograms plus ammunition. It’s hard for him. So they decided to carry it. I myself see this for the first time in my life. But everything happens once for the first time.

Ilya Vorobyov
Acting head coach of the Russian national ice hockey team

Another coach of the Russian team Alexei Kudashov stressed that many teams in the tournament have to come up with ways to quickly get to the ice. On the question of where they took the cart for Koshechkin, he did not answer, asking not to “disclose all the secrets.”

And you did not see that now the Canadians also moved their goalkeeper? Look for all the teams. Do you know how far we pass here to the ice? Three and a half minutes we go. A break – only 15 minutes. Therefore, I have to invent something.

Alexey Kudashov
coach of the Russian national hockey team

In social networks complained about the age of the goalkeeper, and also made another arrangement of his departure for the ice.

Despite several rescues Koshechkina, the Russian team was defeated with a score of 1: 3. However, the team reached the quarterfinals, where May 17 will play with Canada.

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