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FBI arrested the owner of the online drug store SilkRoad

The FBI arrested the owner of the SilkRoad site, which is considered one of the largest online drug stores. This is reported by the Reuters agency .

The FBI arrested October 1, 29-year-old Ross William Ulbricht (Ross William Ulbricht), the owner of anonymous online store SilkRoad, through which the sale of drugs. Ulbricht, known on the Web under the pseudonym “Dread Pirate Roberts”, was arrested in San Francisco. As the reporter Mashable Lorenzo Frances clarifies, the owner of SilkRoad was detained in the library.

Confirms to me the FBI#SilkRoadDread Pirate Roberts WAS arrested a yesterday in the SF AT 3.15 pm PT AT the Park then the public library of Glenn Branch is.

– Lorenzo Franceschi B (@lorenzoFB)October 2, 2013

Ross Ulbricht accused of complicity in drug trafficking, computer hacking and money laundering. SilkRoad itself was closed, and the domain name was seized by the authorities. In addition, the FBI seized “Bitcoin”, which were used for the calculations on the site, for the equivalent of 3.6 million dollars.

According to Russia Today , according to intelligence agencies, at least a kilogram of heroin, five kilograms of cocaine, 10 grams of LSD and 500 grams of methamphetamine were sold through the resource. The total volume of operations that passed through SilkRoad is estimated at 9.5 million “bitcoins”, or 1.2 billion dollars at the current exchange rate. The sale of goods through the site was engaged in “several thousand dragdillers.”

After the appearance of messages about the closure of SilkRoad, the course of “bitcoins” collapsed.

Today’s Bitcoin price chart (

– Digg (@digg)October 2, 2013

SilkRoad was one of the largest and most famous sites for selling drugs on the Internet. He worked in the anonymous network of TOR and acted as an intermediary: anyone could place an advertisement on the resource by allocating a commission to the site. In addition to drugs, SilkRoad sold instructions on hacking ATMs, contact details of smugglers and weapons, and also hired assassins, the prosecution said. Also, the investigation believes that Ross Ulbricht offered 150 thousand dollars for the murder of one of the users of the site, which threatened to reveal the identity of his clients.

It is noteworthy that in August 2013 Forbes magazine published an interview , taken from the “Terrible pirate Roberts”. In it, in particular, the owner of SilkRoad claimed that he does not allow the sale of child pornography, stolen items and drugs through his website. With the latter, Roberts noted then, he was already experimenting and thinking about whether to allow arms trade in the future.

In the material Forbes also mentioned online drug store Atlantis, which appeared in April and was loudly advertised on the Web. However, this site was closed by theowners in September 2013 “for security reasons.” Prior to this, Atlantis was considered the main competitor of SilkRoad.


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