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Chinese police began to use smart glasses with the function of recognizing faces to catch criminals

With the help of technology, it has already been possible to detain more than 30 people.

In early 2018, Chinese policemen working at the railway station in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, received “smart” glasses reminiscent of Google Glass. Using the device’s built-in face recognition technology, employees began to catch criminals.

Policemen were given a model GLXSS – the development of a local start-up LLVision, which was originally intended for couriers and doctors. Glasses can take photos, shoot videos in HD-quality and display some elements on lenses using the technology of augmented reality.

Officers at the railway station mainly use the facial recognition function to conduct checks and verify documents. The information is transferred from the glasses to a special device resembling a smartphone that runs on Android. For a month the technology gave the first results: the police detained 26 passengers with forged passports and seven people being wanted.

Face recognition technology is widely used in China. In December 2017, the BBC journalist put the experiment: he uploaded his photo to the database of the Chinese police and tried to hide in the urban district of Guiyang. However, “smart” cameras found it in seven minutes.

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