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Battlefield V announced, but will show it next week

The company Electronic Arts will talk about the new game of the Battlefield franchise on May 23, as reported by the official channel of the shooter on Twitter. The graphic teaser reports only the name and date of the presentation. It is possible that the figure in the name Battlefield V is played out based on the word Victory – “victory”. As VentureBeat notes , the symbol was used by allies during the Second World War.



A teaser with the name Battlefield V appeared in early spring. Then they suggested that the action of a new part of the blockbuster would unfold during the Second World War.


It is not excluded that the announcement is connected with the presentation of the new Call of Duty today, May 17.

The last part of the Battlefield is dedicated to the First World War, the game was released in late 2016. The Battlefield series is interesting first of all for a thoughtful multiplayer with major battles, use of aviation and other equipment on the battlefield.


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