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Batman’s Michael Keaton congratulated the graduates with the words “I’m Batman”

Recalling his role as a superhero in Tim Burton’s classic films.

American actor Michael Keaton delivered a 20-minute solemn speech during the graduation ceremony at the University of Kent in Ohio. He told the students about how important it is to work hard, to seek a vocation and to strive for changes in society. But most of all they remember the last two words of Keaton, uttered in the style of one of his characters.

I wanted to say something else, and it will take me a second. I would like you to remember two words – they are very important. If I leave you with something, let it be two words.

And these two words: I’m Batman.

Michael Keaton

Keaton is considered one of the classic performers of the superhero-bat role in the movie. He played in two films directed by Tim Burton – “Batman” (1989) and “Batman Returns” (1992), in both paintings pronounced that very crown phrase.

Even after Keaton abandoned the role of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, some of the actor’s roles contained references to Batman – “Birdman” and Vulture in the movie “Spider-Man: Returning Home.”

Keaton in 1971-1972 studied journalism and rhetoric at the University of Kent. As noted on the site of the institution, then he dropped out and “covered with passion for acting” left the state.

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