Art: Animated animals drawn on the Nintendo 3DS console

The French artist takes popular pictures on the Internet, gifki and memes, after which he gives them a “second life”.

In May, Twitter users paid attention to the works of the French artist Kevin Gemin (Kévin Gemin), better known in the microblogging service as Kéké . He looks for popular pictures on the Internet and hyphas with animals and birds, and then turns them into minimalistic animations.

All works Gemin draws manually using the application on the Nintendo 3DS pocket console, which has certain limitations. The first animation he did in 2009, and in 2016 he was first paid attention to the media. In addition to adapting pictures from social networks, the artist has his own characters: he also dedicated a separate YouTube channel .

Nintendo 3DS artist chose, because it was on the console, he first got acquainted with the animation. The only problem was the small screen size on the console, but Gemin learned to cope with it. “This gave me an advantage when I moved to bigger screens,” he said.

Gemin admitted that he was inspired by the animation of the 1930s. The Frenchman graduated from the art school of Emile Kohl (animator and creator of graphic animation) in Lyon, but still considers himself more self-taught.

On May 16, 2018, Gemin’s works were included in a selection of Twitter Moments, which increased interest in his work. The artist thanked the “newcomers” for the positive feedback and promised that in the future animations with animals will only be more.

One of Gemin’s latest works plays two memes: an anime frame with the inscription ” Is it a dove?” “And boy with a pipe .


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