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“And you will believe the Musk?”: How the proponents of the theory of flat Earth reacted to the launch of Tesla into space

A live broadcast with a car and a dummy is not yet proof that the planet is spherical.

On February 6, Space X company Elon Musk first launched into space the heaviest carrier rocket in the world Falcon Heavy. Inside the rocket was placed the electric car Tesla Roadster, behind the wheel of which sat a mannequin. The cameras shot a car drifting in space until February 8, and then they were turned off.

Tesla in space quickly became a meme: among the jokes, users pointed out that Musk by his action definitively debunked theories about flat Earth, because its roundness was clearly visible in cameras focused on an electric car. With similar headlines after the launch came out and materials in some Western media.

However, the supporters of the version that the Earth is flat, did not believe Ilona Musk. Shortly after the launch of the rocket on the website of the “Flat Earth Society” , an article appeared Pete Svarrior (Pete Svarrior), called on “with caution” to refer to all news related to Falcon Heavy.

“People who believe in a spherical Earth, because” they saw a car in space over the Internet “is a new form of a terrible argument.” It’s true, I saw it on TV. ” Why should we believe that any private company is telling the truth? “

One of the organizers of the International Conference of Flat Earth Supporters, Mark Sargent, told indy100 that Space X could specifically set the launch of the rocket so that it was not visible that the Earth was actually flat. According to him, the reality of the launch itself is also only to be proved.

Ilon said that no additional modifications were made to the car. If this is true, the tires should explode a few seconds after entering the vacuum space. The glass would also be broken. The standard safety glass in machines is not designed for such temperature differences.

Mark Sargent
author of the blog Flat Earth Clues

The Vice-journalists studied the discussions at the “Flat Earth Society” forums, dedicated to the launch of Tesla into space. Commentators said that the Falcon Heavy rocket either did not leave the planet, or its flight only proves that the Earth is not spherical. Those who opposed it were immediately called “mascots”.

We laugh at you and other “fanboys” Ilona. It seems funny to me that you believe in Tesla flying somewhere in space. Your brains have long been washed in NASA. And now you will believe Ilona? It’s funny and pathetic at the same time.

message from the forum “Society of flat Earth
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