A walk through the abandoned underground airbases of Eastern Europe (81 pics)

On the territory of Eastern Europe, many air bases, built during the years of the communist past of the local countries, have been preserved. Next, we suggest you go on a virtual tour of some of these airbases.

Open parking with three underground storages

Entrances to underground parking

Protection of the territory of the airbase

The most famous and one of the largest “underground airfields” in Europe can safely be considered the Yugoslav airbase in Zhelyava, now located on the territory of Croatia, in close proximity to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The border itself is extremely formal there, so there are great chances to meet with border guards, as well as with illegal migrants running to Western Europe. The state of the air base facilities is 3 out of 5 points. When the army retreated to the key nodes of the underground complex, explosives were packed in impressive quantities in order to exclude the possibility of its further use. The explosions were thrown up by massive reinforced concrete protective closures and huge tanks of the fuel storage, everything that could be burned was destroyed by fires, but, on the whole, the base stood.

Entry into the cover in shape repeats the silhouette of the aircraft, a concrete wall a couple of meters thick, and there was also provided some kind of protective door that was not preserved

The structure is striking in scale, though corruptible


Underground shops



The place of memory of a videographer Robi (1973-2011)

To the surprise, preserved iron – and quite a lot

Huge diesel station

Emergency exit shaft

Special attention deserves the huge tanks of the underground fuel storage, there were 4 of them here and they also tried to blow up

After the blasting they began to saw

But in the end they were almost entirely preserved until the present moment, although they were crumpled

Metal thickness of about 4-5 cm



But the surviving protective door – it is made of concrete with thick reinforcement inside, opened, linearly moving off on rails in the side


Some believe that the base is under the mountain and has portals on both sides of the ridge – to Bosnia and Croatia, respectively – and migrants go through the bunker. But this is not so, all the portals are from the side of Croatia, and migrants come to the remnants of the runways.

Unfortunately, in this air base not even the remains of airplanes have been preserved, – however, there is a plane-monument with an excellent lawn around, where it is perfectly arranged for an overnight stay with tents



Therefore, behind the planes we went to Albania to another abandoned underground airbase


Practically empty rooms-offices with minor equipment remains

The main part of the structure – impressive scale C-shaped production with several dozen old fighters inside


The main part of the shutter from the two huge gates of the gate, and the slot for the tail opening is overlapped by the third emerald






The inscription near the Germanwerk is translated somehow like “Comrade officer, the tunnel will not be protected during the arrival and departure of the aircraft”

The planes are tight, one after another. This MIGs collected in China under license and purchased by the Albanian Air Force many years ago




The cabins are in poor condition, the appliances are torn out. The planes underwent a kind of demilitarization, after which it became impossible to use them – crude fuel tanks and many key components of the structure


Different parts

Engines, including new ones





The guns are also quite new – in solid wood and decaying rags





In the back of the shelter aircraft of another model – a little later








Branch for repair






In this structure, we were waiting for a fresh-cut piece of a helicopter from the Air Force of Albania that collapsed into the lake two years ago.








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