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8000% profit from bitcoins helped Assange save WikiLeaks

The profit of journalist Julian Assange from investments in bitcoin was more than 8 thousand percent and helped him to save the WikiLeaks project. This is reported by  The Daily Dot .


The organization WikiLeaks was able to survive thanks to early investments in bitcoin. In the upcoming book “When Google Met WikiLeaks” (“When Google Met WikiLeaks”), the founder of the non-profit organization tells how he managed to lead the company through financial difficulties.

The most severe tests for WikiLeaks began in November 2010. Against the organization imposed sanctions Bank of America, the company VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and Western Union. The cost of 1 bitcoin at that time slightly exceeded the cost of 1 US dollar. All the donations that came into the account in dollars, Julian Assange translated into bitcoins. So he became one of the biggest early investors in the history of bitcoin.

The book also published Assange’s conversations with Google’s executive director Eric Schmidt. In them, Assange talks about a new currency at the time and recommends “getting into the system now” in order to subsequently get as much profit as possible.

Bitcoin is very significant. There are certain problems, but their innovations are superior. Julian Assange in a conversation with Eric Schmidt, 2011

On public bitcoin-purse WikiLeaks now is more than 2.2 million dollars. Edward Snowden also received tens of thousands of dollars in profits from donations transferred to the crypto currency.

Bitcoin appeared and began to gain popularity in 2009. For the first time, a new currency was submitted through a mailing list of cypherpunks (cypherpunks) – a group of users using cryptography to preserve anonymity. Julian Assange is the most famous recipient of the mailing list.


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