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Yanni or Laurel: audio version of “dress of discord”

A sound illusion, which everyone hears differently.


Reddit found an audio-illusion that divided users into two camps: some hear the name Yanni, and others – Laurel. Each group of users is sure that they are right, but many people hear different names, including recording after a while.

As has found out edition of The Verge, in fact it is not entirely an illusion, and audiovariant ” vase Rubin ” – a figure that could be interpreted ambiguously. It seems like a glass, then two profiles of people.

Example of "Ruby Vase"
Example of “Ruby Vase”

The whole essence of illusion in the frequency of sound. Acoustic information that makes people hear “Yanni” has a higher frequency than what makes people hear “Laurel”. Therefore, in some cases, users can hear this or that option only because of the peculiarities of their equipment: headphones or a computer sound card.

However, also the perception of the name is affected by the device of the ears and what people expect to hear. Older people lose sensitivity to high frequencies over time, so they can only hear the name “Laurel”, and children hear all frequencies, so it may seem to them that the record says “Yanni”. This phenomenon can be reproduced on a computer: if you remove low frequencies, you will hear “Yanni”, and if you remove high, then “Laurel”.

People whose ears are catching both high and low frequencies will periodically hear both versions on the same record. However, the perception of the illusion is also affected by what a particular person expects to hear: because of the noise on the recording, the brain complements the picture based on its own experience.

In February 2015, in social networks, they argued about the color of the dress published by the user Tumblr. Different users saw its color in different ways, but it turned out to be blue-black.

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