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WSJ: in the “drain” of secret data of the CIA WikiLeaks suspected of working for exploration programmers

The CIA checks the contractors who developed software for it, on the involvement in the transfer of sensitive data to the WikiLeaks portal. A group of programmers were suspected of being able to transmit classified information out of vengeance, The Wall Street Journal reported citing its own sources.

According to the interlocutors who are familiar with the course of the investigation, a rather narrow circle of programmers is suspected, who might be unhappy with the loss of their jobs. The CIA has recently stopped ordering software from them, so contractors decided to take revenge.

Presumably, programmers who are suspected of organizing diversion work in several companies from the state of Virginia. Some of them have already been interrogated, but no official charges have been filed against anyone yet.

Earlier it was reported that the intelligence authorities suspect a leak of CIA employees working for hire.

On March 7, WikiLeaks published 8761 documents and a file from the internal network of the Center for Cyber ​​Intelligence of the CIA. They found references to software for tracking users of iPhones, Android-smartphones and Smart TV.

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