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Wikileaks confirmed rumors that the CIA is remotely listening to smartphone users

The Wikileaks website published 8761 documents and a file from the internal network of the Center for Cyber ​​Intelligence of the CIA. In part of them, they found mentions of software that special services employees used to track users of iPhones, Android-smartphones and Smart TV. This is stated in the press release of the organization.

In addition to tools for wiretapping smartphones, cybersecurity specialists found in published documents instructions for surveillance software that works equally well on Windows, Mac OS and Linux platforms, as well as in network router and router systems.

In Wikileaks added that they were able to open a full-fledged hacker base in the US consulate in Frankfurt. According to a press release, hackers drove to Germany on passports with State Department certificates as technical advisers to the diplomatic mission. From there, they could access computers located throughout Europe, as well as Africa and the Middle East.

As noted in Wikileaks, most of the information remains hidden inside the documents, because the employees of the cyber-leaky organization are not engaged in analyzing the data, but only verifying it. The site’s management added that the publication of documents is not connected with the publication of the decree of Donald Trump on the preparation by the Central Intelligence Agency of a report on the cybersecurity of the United States.

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