Why Putin was driving in a truck unassailable – meets FSO

Users of social networks paid attention to the violation of the rules.

A frame from the broadcast of the opening of the Crimean bridge
A frame from the broadcast of the opening of the Crimean bridge

On May 15, Vladimir Putin officially opened the automotive part of the Crimean bridge that connects Taman and the Crimean peninsula. The President was traveling to KamAZ, heading a convoy of construction equipment involved in the construction of the bridge.

On the video of the opening, it is noticeable that Putin was riding unbuckled. Next to him were two more passengers: construction manager Alexander Ostrovsky and one of the workers. They also did not use seat belts.

The users of social networks paid attention to the violation.


A deputy of the Lipetsk Regional Council, Oleg Khomutinnikov, sent a letter to Prosecutor General Yury Chaika asking him to figure out whether Putin violated the rules of the road, writes the publication “”. He also asked to check whether Putin has a category “C” right that allows him to operate a truck.

The Federal Guard Service explained to that Putin had not violated the law, since the bridge had not yet received the status of a public road by the time of the ceremony.

Officially, the movement along the Crimean bridge was opened on May 16 at 05:30 am. President Vladimir Putin took part in the cultural and mass event – the solemn opening of the Crimean bridge on May 15. At that time the Crimean bridge was not a common road, but actually had the status of a construction site. Movement on which is not regulated by the rules of traffic rules.

Denis Simonov
Deputy Head of the Center for Press and Public Relations of FSO

Simonov noted that the lack of seat belts did not pose a threat to the safety of the president. However, he did not specify whether such measures are related to internal security requirements.

On May 15, Alexey Kolontai, the head of the Center for Contraption Training of Drivers “Masterclass” Alexey Kolontai, who prepares drivers for the FSO and was present at the opening, told that the situation was “absolutely safe, since the bridge was blocked for the rest of the transport.” His explanation is different from the FSO press service.

First, not all KamAZ vehicles have safety belts, sometimes they are simply not provided. Secondly, remember how we make a movie – do all the characters stick there? […]

The column moved no faster than 50 kilometers per hour, there was no counter motion. I understand that the traffic regulations require this, but this issue is not for Vladimir Vladimirovich – the whole organization of travel and all comments in this regard are the prerogative of the FSO. What can I say, well, let traffic police fine, let them try.

Alexey Kolontai
Head of the Center for Contraceptive Driver Training

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that he did not see whether Putin was fastening or not. However, the representative of the Kremlin assured that the head of state has the rights of category “C”. According to him, Putin received them about 20 years ago.

It would still be impossible to fine the president for violation of traffic rules, since he enjoys immunity in accordance with Article 91 of the Constitution.

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