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Users of unofficial Twitter clients will lose push-notifications and auto-updating tapes

Due to changes in the API under attack, there were Tweetbot, Twitterific and other popular applications.

Twitter has announced updates in the API, through which third-party developers can receive platform data. June 19, the company intends to seriously limit the opportunities for developers of unofficial service applications, such as Tweetbot.

Users of third-party Twitter clients will lose at least automatic updates of the tape and push notifications. It is unclear what will happen to other functions that affect the new Account Activity API: for example, with personal messages.

Together with the new interface, Twitter introduced paid tariffs for its use. However, due to the stated limitations, developers will not be able to support third-party applications even for money. One of the maximum tariffs will cost 2.9 thousand dollars a month, but even in this case the use of the API will be limited to 250 users.

The developer of the popular third-party client Twitterific, Sean Heber, warned that the team will most likely not be able to support the application as before, even if it raises the price of the application.

“It seems that it will be financially impossible for us to pay for a new Account Activity API”
Users suggested to the developer to introduce an annual subscription of $ 5 from the user, but Heber explained that in this case they will have to take 5 dollars a year and not monthly.

“Based on the known prices, it will probably be $ 5 a month – and you will still be left without auto-updating in the application”
The developer has calculated the exact amount, which will support the full operation of the application, at least for part of the audience. At work Twitterific for 250 users without restrictions, everyone would have to pay 10 dollars a month.

“You have to pay $ 2,899 a month to get activity updates … for 250 users. It’s more than 10 dollars per user per month! They may have the best price at the Enterprise level, from where my assumption about $ 5 per month is taken “

Heber noted that the conditions can be better at the maximum Enterprise tariff. But Twitter did not publicly disclose the prices for it, offering to contact companies individually.

Developers can solve the problem with updating the tape in other ways, but this will work much slower than usual. Push notifications will still be unavailable.

Changes to the Twitter API will affect all third-party clients, including Talon , Tweetbot , Tweetings , or Twitterrific . All of them are paid, but with the introduction of new tariffs, developers will have to introduce expensive subscriptions, for which many users may not want to pay.

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