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This is Turbo Jetts. The world’s first electric rollers on the heel

Scooters, gyroskutery, electric bikes – we saw everything, skated and told you about the impressions.

But Razor Turbo Jetts is something really new.

For the first time I tested electric rollers with a motor, which are worn directly on the sneakers and allow you to move at speeds up to 16 km / h.

Got a lot of pure fan and a bunch of really new experiences, one of which “I’m too old for this” 🙂

Wait! Check out the video, what kind of videos are these

Do you want to buy yourself? Forget if you weigh more than 80 kg. In this case, just envy the children: Turbo Jetts – an excellent gift for teens from 9 years old.

But it is not exactly. They did with me, with my 86 kg, did not fall apart and regularly rolled.

Turbo Jetts not to “get to work”

It’s clear, Turbo Jetts are not suitable to get to work, bypassing the metro, cars and other boring transport. These videos for parks, recreation and entertainment, preferably with the whole family. Everyone can try to ride with a breeze, because Turbo Jetts can be mounted on any sneaker.

In fact, the electric roller in the pair is only one. It has a built-in 80-watt motor and a removable battery. The second video without any electronics, just 2 wheels with fastening on the leg.

If you think that 16 kilometers per hour – a very small speed, then I assure you this is not so. Considering that this is not a scooter or a bicycle, but small “heels” on your heels.

Personally, I did not dare to accelerate to the maximum speed. Scary.

In fact, Turbo Jetts is just a pumped version of ordinary rollers: I constantly see children in sneakers with built-in wheels in the heel, so that you can combine walking with pokatushkami.

Himself in my childhood I dreamed of such.

So, the American company Razor , famous for the whole world with its scooters, was able to translate my childhood dream. Let it be a little late ( for 15 years ), but it was worth it: I just stuck the electric motor to the feet of the wheel, pushed away and went.

Do you think this is entertainment only for children? Ahaha. First try it yourself, if the weight allows. You will not regret.

Turbo Jetts will be terribly popular this summer. Absolutely right

Rollers have always been a popular means of transportation. Not roller skates, but rollers – I too long ago had such, on 4 wheels. Skating was difficult, but very fun.

Turbo Jetts gave me a piece of childhood, because the fun is exactly the same, but it’s hard to keep the balance and are not afraid to fall on electric rollers much easier.

This is a completely new means of transportation, which just appeared in Moscow. Yes, these videos do not connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth, they do not have built-in speakers or flashlights.

Instead of all this, Turbo Jetts give emotions. New sensations that will be remembered for a long time. I got my share of positive, and therefore I recommend you these electric “heels”.

Briefly about the technical characteristics:

  • the maximum speed is 16 km / h
  • battery life – up to 30 minutes
  • electric motor – 80 watts (gear drive)
  • wheels – polyurethane, 50 mm.
  • the maximum load is 80 kg
  • age of the rider – from 9 years
  • the height of the rider is from 100 to 200 cm.
  • the size of the leg is from 25 (child) to 46 (adult)

You’ll see – this summer this means of transportation will often come across in the parks and streets. When you overtake a man with wheels on sneakers and burning eyes, do not rush to grumble at the modern youth. Know that he’s just having fun and kayfovo.

And most importantly, you too can. Turbo Jetts from Razor cost 12,990 rubles in the official store. You can regain the feeling of a carefree childhood, or give it to your son.

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