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There are two types of people in the world: who hears “Yanni” and who hears “Laurel”


Celebrities, brands and politicians are divided into camps because of the audio illusion that has become for the Internet a new “dress of discord”.

May 16 in social networks and the media drew attention to a short video, in which only one word sounds. But one part of people hears it as “Laurel” (“Laurel”), and the other – as “Yanny” (“Yanni”). This difference was explained by the frequency of the sound (“Yanni” – high frequencies, and “Laurel” – low), but it was too late: thousands of users began to argue which option is more correct, and share in the camps.

The dispute, which has become a new ” dress of discord “, has not bypassed celebrities. Actors, musicians and journalists shared with subscribers in Twitter what they heard. Also, they were joined by brands, the media and even state structures. we divided them into two teams and found people who had not decided on the choice.
The Yanni Team
Stephen King, writer

“This is Yanni”
Debbie Raine, actress (“Jesse”)

Alex Morgan, football player of the US team

“This is a joke? Then every time Yanni (or Yammy). Without any doubts”
US Department of Defense

I said it was Yanni, a beginner, not Laurel!”
Ice Hockey Channel NBC

“When you hear Yanni, but everyone else hears Laurel”
Editorial Buzzfeed

Norm Kelly, Toronto City Councilman

Melissa Fumero, actress (Brooklyn 9-9)

“How do people even hear Laurel here?” It begins again, like with a blue or gold dress ”
Rotten Tomatoes

Mindy Kaling, actress (“Office”)

The Laurel team
Trevor Moran, singer

“By the way, there’s damn LOREL, not Yanni. If you want to argue with me, then go ahead. ”
Mark Hoppus, bassist of the band Blink-182

My wife and son hear Yanni. I need a place where I can live until I figure it out ”
Krissy Teigen, model and TV presenter

“This is exactly Laurel. I can not even imagine how someone hears Yanni ”
Zack Braff, actor (“Clinic”)

“Yanni ?!”
Ellen Degeneres, TV presenter

“On my show everything stopped: people want to know, people hear Laurel or Yanni. I hear Laurel ”
Marcus Brownlee, video blogger

“Okay, it’s blowing my brain. I’m the only one in the studio who hears Laurel. INTO »
Pier Morgan, TV presenter

[In response to a tweet that Yanni sounds in the recording] “What ??? There is clearly Laurel »
Philadelphia Police

“Please do not call 911 with questions, whether we hear Laurel or Yanni. All we hear is the creation of another bad hashtag (And Laurel, we just hear Laurel) ”
Josh Groban, singer

“This is Laurel. And the dress was blue. ”
Editorial staff of SB Nation

James Gunn, director (“The Guardians of the Galaxy”)

“I am 100% sure that I hear two different voices: Yanni speaks taller, and lower – Laurel”
Cumail Nangiani, actor (“Silicon Valley”)

“I hear Yanni all day, but now I can hear Laurel on the same device and I can not hear Yanni anymore. So I’ll send myself to fuck ”
Steven Colbert, TV presenter

“5:30 – Yanni. 9:30 – Laurel. What’s happening?”
Emmy Rossum, actress (“Shameless”)

“I heard Yannis so clearly … But if you listen closer, I can hear a quiet voice saying Laurel … So … Does someone else hear both options?”

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