The guest of the program “Time will show” told that Putin implemented the project of Hitler on the construction of the Crimean bridge

About the idea of ​​the leader of the Third Reich, the editor of the First Channel in the historical information also mentioned.

May 15 in the Crimea officially opened the automobile part of the Crimean bridge, which connected Tamansky and the Crimean peninsula. The first on it was Vladimir Putin, who at the wheel of “KamAZ” headed the column of construction equipment.

The program “Time will show” on the First Channel on the air showed the opening, and the leading and experts in the studio commented on what was happening. During Putin’s passage through the bridge (fragment from 13:45), one of the guests said that the Russian president had implemented a bridge construction project, invented by the personal architect Adolf Hitler.

This project was wanted by Nicholas II, this project was wanted by Hitler and Speer [personal architect of Hitler] who made this project in the early 1940s, but did it, Putin carried it out.

Expert in the studio of the program “Time will show”

After the end of the live broadcast, the program showed a historical reference, which also mentioned the project of the Third Reich on the construction of the bridge (fragment from 2:30).

The next attempt was thwarted by the Second World War. During the occupation of Crimea by German troops through the Kerch Strait, a cableway was laid. Hitler planned to build a bridge, but did not have time.

First Channel Editor

The first plans for the construction of the bridge across the Kerch Strait appeared among British engineers in the 1870s. Thirty years later, Tsar Nicholas II returned to the idea of ​​his creation. This time the project was prevented by wars: Russian-Japanese 1905 and World War I 1914-1918.

During the Second World War, Hitler issued an order to build a bridge across the Kerch Strait in the occupied territory for the rapid transfer of military equipment to the Caucasus. But construction stopped after the onset of the Red Army and the return of the Crimea to the USSR.

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