The defendant rejects the charges and claims that he came up with a trademark before Pavel Durov.

Website Lantah , which offered to buy Gram

Telegram Group Inc. filed a lawsuit against Florida-registered Lantah LLC, accusing her of violating the rights to the Gram trademark. Both companies plan to create a crypto currency with the same name. The first to pay attention to theprofile edition of The Recorder.

The company of Pavel Durova sued May 11 at the US District Court branch, which is located in San Francisco. Telegram claims that Lantah LLC acts “in bad faith” and seeks to use someone else’s brand for the sake of profit.

The unauthorized use of the Lantah trademark, to a degree of confusion similar to the name of the Telegram’s crypto currency, can cause confusion and error, as well as deceive consumers and potential customers. While there are no connections between Lantah and Telegram.

from Telegram’s appeal to the American court

Lantah LLC registered the Gram trademark in February 2018. According to American journalists, this happened after Telegram unofficially presented the blocking platform Telegram Open Network (TON) and began raising funds.

The head of Lantah LLC, Daniel Jeffrey, in a CNN comment denied Telegram charges and stated that he had started using the Gram trademark before he learned about the same product of Durov. The American company connected lawyers to the complaint.

Durov did not officially confirm the plans to create TON and his own crypto currency, not counting the refutation of fraudulent sites trying to make money on the opacity of information. The platform became known from the published project documentation and media data. According to The Wall Street Journal, Telegram refused the public part of its ICO.

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