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Short audio clip struck the Internet

You surely missed the times of the “same” dress. Fortunately, someone found a decent replacement – a short sound clip with a single word. But what a big question. The fact is that some users clearly hear “Laurel”, others hear something like “Jenny”. And someone – both words!

Maybe it all depends on the technical characteristics of the headphones, speakers, sound card? It’s not clear yet. We suggest you listen to the recording and indicate what you heard – Yanny or Laurel.

Truly Reddit is a deposit of memes.

According to experts, the sound illusion is created due to a set of factors. In some ways it resembles the so-called “Vase of Ruby” – it seems like a glass and at the same time – two faces. In this case, the solution lies in the individual features of the perception of sound, as well as the sound subsystem of the device on which you are listening to the video. When high frequencies prevail, one word is heard, the low is another. Not the least role is played by noise in the recording and the expectations of the listener.

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