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SC collected evidence of theft of money in the “Seventh studio” and asked “not to demonize the investigation”

The investigation of the criminal case is over.

The Investigative Committee completed the investigation into the theft of money allocated to the “Seventh Studio” for the development of contemporary art within the framework of the “Platform” project. This is reported on the website of the UK.

The department gathered evidence that confirms the involvement of director Kirill Serebrennikov, former producer of the Seventh Studio Alexei Malobrodsky, Yuri Itin, Nina Maslyaeva, Sophia Apfelbaum and Ekaterina Voronova for fraud (part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code). They face up to 10 years of the colony.

According to the investigation, the defendants stole 133 out of 214 million rubles, which allocated “Seventh studio” for the development and popularization of contemporary art in 2011-2014. The investigation took steps to recover damages and seized the property of the accused: Serebrennikov’s apartment in Germany for 300,000 euros, which he acquired “during the embezzlement”, as well as cars of the defendants for 7 million rubles, jewelry and money (5 thousand euros , about 100 thousand US dollars).

The report also notes that the investigation “particularly carefully” approached the issue of choosing a measure of restraint for the accused in order to “ensure their rights” and “implement the principle of the inevitability of punishment” and collect evidence. Serebrennikov, Itina, Maslyaeva and Apfelbaum were put under house arrest. Producer Ekaterina Voronova left Russia, she was arrested in absentia.

Concerning Malobrodsky, who was hospitalized from the court on May 10 on petition for transferring him to house arrest, the investigation “had all the grounds” to keep him in custody. He allegedly could have fled abroad, in addition, he has the second citizenship of Israel.

During the investigation of the case, these grounds changed. After the completion of the investigation, Malobrodsky could not destroy or hide important evidence. In addition, Israel has banned the issuance of a passport to Malobrodsky without agreement with the investigative body, so he could not flee abroad. On May 15, Malobrodsky discharged from the hospital.

In the UK added that the state of Malobrodsky while in custody “did not cause questions”. Later “it became obvious” that he needed to change the measure of restraint on medical grounds.

Therefore, when talking about criminal prosecution of these individuals, do not demonize the investigation. Investigating economic crimes, the main purpose of the Investigation Committee is to ensure the return of stolen property to the state. And operational measures of a procedural nature are necessary in order to obtain compensation for damage, not allowing a situation in which accused persons for years hide abroad, withdraw stolen money there, and it becomes much more difficult to return them.

This applies to all, without exception, figurants, whether an official, an entrepreneur, or a representative of the creative profession. The requirements of the law are the same for all.

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In May 2017, at Serebrennikov’s home, at the Gogol Center and at other addresses , searches were carried out on the criminal case of embezzlement of budget funds for the Platform, then he was interrogated as a witness. According to the investigation, the money was stolen through the organization “The Seventh Studio”, which the director founded. After the searches, the former general director of Yuri Itin and former accountant Nina Maslyaeva were also detained.

August 23, director Kirill Serebrennikov was sent under house arrest. He denied all charges. In support Serebrennikov made , including more than 30 actors and artists from different countries and have signed a petition against his arrest.

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