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NYT: FBI and US Justice Department have launched an investigation against Cambridge Analytica after the scandal with Facebook

Earlier, the company was accused of using the data of millions of users of the social network, bypassing its rules.

The FBI and the US Department of Justice launched an investigation against Cambridge Analytica, which accessed data of 50 million people, bypassing Facebook’s rules. This was reported by The New York Times referring to the representative of the US authorities and “other people familiar with the investigation.”

The US authorities are interested in the financial transactions of the company, as well as the way it collected and used personal data received from Facebook and other sources, the newspaper’s interlocutors reported. Representatives of the Ministry of Justice and the FBI are interviewing former employees of Cambridge Analytica and the banks with which it was affiliated.

As part of the investigation, the FBI and the Justice Ministry are also communicating with Facebook, a government official said on condition of anonymity. He did not provide details. In the social network refused to comment on the situation.

The FBI and the Justice Ministry also declined to comment on the situation, reports Reuters. Former employees of the company could not promptly answer the agency’s questions.

It is not known who is conducting the investigation and whether it is connected with the special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who finds out Russia’s involvement in the presidential election in 2016. In December 2017, Mueller’s team interrogated at least two top managers of Cambridge Analytica, a company spokesman said. Another interviewee said that the investigation was “formal”, since there were no signs that it was a priority for Mueller.

On March 19 it became known that the analytical firm Cambridge Analytica got access to the data of 50 million people bypassing the rules of Facebook and on their basis set up advertising for the benefit of US President Donald Trump. The company claims to have received data on the rules, because users have previously been asked permission to access the information of the account, husky and friend list. Mark Zuckerberg admitted the mistake and apologized to the audience. In response, users launched the #DeleteFacebook boycott .

In early May, Cambridge Analytica began bankruptcy proceedings because of the scandal with Facebook. The company expressed confidence that its employees acted lawfully, but because of coverage of the situation in the media, it lost virtually all customers, which made it deemed it inappropriate to continue working.

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