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Meme: What color is the dress

A shot of a dress, the color of which people perceive in different ways, divided the English-language Internet into two camps

A photo of a dress, the color of which some people consider white with gold, and others blue-black, divided the English-language Internet into two camps. figured out the situation.
February 25 user Tumblr under the nickname Swiked published a photo of the dress in the blog with the question of what color it is: white with gold or blue with black. According to the girl, she argued about this with her friends.

The snapshot quickly became popular, in the comments a heated discussion unfolded, supported by the BuzzFeed portal, which asked a question about the color of the dress to its readers.

Twitter users joined the discussions, and discussions about the color of the dress had its own hashtag #TheDress, which topped the top trends in the US. For several hours in the social network, dozens of photoshoots were published, on which the dresses were tried, including the characters of other fresh memes – the dancing sharkfrom the speech of Katy Perry on the Superbowl, and the escaped Lama , who became the heroine of the Internet on the evening of 26 February.

Celebrities also took part in the discussions. For example, TV and Internet star Kim Kardashian told subscribers that she also argued with her husband about the color, and singer Taylor Swift stated that she was confused about this issue because “it is obvious that the dress is blue and black.” The star of the “X-Files” David Duchovny expressed the opinion that the dress is greenish-blue.

Same brands managed to react.

Invited Mashable ophthalmologist explained that the dress is white with gold stripes in such lighting. The color perception of a person depends on the individual characteristics of his vision. The brain processes light waves of different lengths that fall on the retina, and the recognition of the color of this light is associated with a universal emotional reaction, so some people are able to see white and gold colors even in the shade, while others see only blue and black.

However BuzzFeed was able to contact the author of the original post, Caitlin McNeill, and she told that in reality the dress is blue. It was intended for the mother of the bride, at the wedding of which Caitlin sang with her folk group. Disputes about the color of the dress in the photo began about a week before the celebration, but at the wedding itself, doubts about this were completely resolved.

Representative of the British brand Roman Originals, in whose online store a similar dress was presented, said that all the stock from the warehouse was sold within an hour. The company seriously thought about how to release a dress in a white-gold version.

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