Lenovo psihanula and made a smartphone with 4 TB of memory

This morning we talked about the Chinese smartphone Smartisan R1. Its highlight is that on board the device was placed immediately 1 TB of memory.

Apparently Lenovo headquarters to survive this announcement from a competitor could not, and decided to outdo the company Smartisan. Vice President of Lenovo Group Chang Cheng published on his page in the social network Weibo curious poster.

The flagship smartphone Lenovo Z5, which the company officially plans to show in June, will immediately receive 4 terabytes of flash memory. Why so many?

Well, for example, store 1 million photos, 2,000 films in HD resolution or 150,000 uncompressed music tracks. It is expedient whether this is decided by the user.

Given that a little-known company Smartisan put a price tag on its R1 at $ 1,400 for the top model with 1 TB of memory, Lenovo can outdo the competitor and at the pricing front. Theoretically, the cost of Lenovo Z5 in 4 TB of flash memory can be up to 2,000 dollars.

Here only there is a reasonable question – what for so much storage and than it to fill? GC ]

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