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“I’m not done yet”: Tony Hawke performed 50 different stunts on a 50th anniversary skateboard

The legendary skateboarder admitted that he completed some of the elements for the last time in his life.

May 12, May the famous athlete Tony Hawk turned 50 years old. In honor of his birthday, the skateboarder went to the ramp (jumping structure) to prove to himself that he could still ride. “I’m not done yet,” he explained.

Hawke performed 50 tricks: all of them he either invented himself, or performed first in his field. The 49th element was a jump with a turn of 720 degrees – after it the athlete flew off the landing and fell. But he still came back for the last trick, which he came up with in 2018.

Quite quickly, I realized that the tricks are not as easy as they used to be. Some of them I do today for the last time. But it’s all right, it was a nice race.

Tony Hawk

After completing the last trick, Hawke took off his helmet and threw it away on emotion.

In honor of the anniversary athlete did not make a 900-degree turn in the air – one of the most complicated elements that Hawke performed first in the history of skateboarding. The last time he did “900” in 2016, noting that this was his last time in his life.

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