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Hawaii can disappear in the coming days

In any case, because of a possible powerful eruption, the external appearance of some of them can change a lot.


Hawaiian islands are located in the zone of increased seismic activity. However, most of the time volcanoes are not active and for the last hundred years in Hawaii formed a famous resort, which is visited by tens of thousands of Americans annually. However, it seems that the volcanoes can wake up again. This week there was an eruption of the volcano Kīlauea, the eruption capacity was enough to make the frozen lava form walls up to 4 floors.

The President of the United States issued a statement in which he warned of a possible national danger, as neighboring islands also began to be covered by a network of cracks, from which magma erupts. In this regard, the team was already given the start of a complete evacuation of the eastern coast of the largest Hawaiian island. Large plants began draining flammable liquids for safety.

A photograph of a large Hawaiian island near the village of Páhoa, along which lava flows. The largest crack in the earth reaches half a kilometer in length.
At present, more than a thousand people have been evacuated, several dozen houses have fallen under the red-hot currents of lava. The increasing number of cracks in the earth on a multitude of islands and the eruption of a volcano create conditions for an even more serious and destructive eruption that can greatly alter the appearance of the famous resort.
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