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Found a way to earn on proxy servers for Telegram

In connection with the actions of Roskomnadzor and the growing popularity of proxy servers to bypass Telegram’s blocking, advertising specialists came up with a new method of monetization. The basis is the protocol MTProto, while available exclusively in test versions.

Using proxy servers, their owners can start advertising Telegram channels. Sponsorship channel will be displayed in the chat list permanently. To disable it, you must disable the proxy server.

According to the founder of Combot, which specializes in group chat analytics, with 50,000 connected users, a proxy server can bring in about 50-100 thousand rubles a month.

Thousand views of advertising through proxy servers for Telegram in the Russian-speaking segment are estimated from 50 to 1500 rubles.

For owners of proxy servers, the MTProto protocol is a good option to earn.

But for ordinary Russian messenger users, who are interested in the proxy connection exclusively for the purpose of gaining access to Telegram, such monetization is fraught with permanent advertising.

The way out of the situation is perhaps the only one. Configure your own proxy server. We told how to do this in a separate instruction . TG ]

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