Chapter OnePlus promised not yet to remove the minijack from their smartphones

But I recognized the potential of wireless audio technologies.

OnePlus 5. Picture of Engadget
OnePlus 5. Picture of Engadget

On November 2, the Chinese company OnePlus confirmed that the new 5T smartphone will have a 3.5mm headphone jack, although more and more manufacturers refuse it. Later the head of the company Pete Lau (Pete Lau) on the OnePlus forum explained that “for now” the minijack will be kept for the convenience of users.

Luo admitted that in the early stages of development they wanted to change the standard USB-C connector: this would help make the smartphone much thinner. However, the minijack remained due to the quality of audio and the “freedom of users”. According to the head of OnePlus, design solutions should not prevent the owners of phones using their favorite accessories.

According to Lo, “industry trends contradict the basic beliefs” OnePlus. At the same time, he acknowledged that wireless technologies have potential.

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