12 innovations in Android P, without which iOS 12 will not survive

Hello, my name is Vova, and I already tried Android P.

A couple of weeks ago, they wrote about the last conference of Google. Yes, it was there that they officially showed the new Androyd and gave it to the testers from different parts of the world. So, I pretended to be one of them and rolled the firmware onto my Pixel.

I found a lot of new jokes, and some of them I especially liked. I think they need to be added to the next versions of iOS that the apple system will come to life again. Believe me, otherwise die!

1. It’s time to tidy up the interface

In Google, they are constantly working on finalizing the interface, and the new Androyd with a number of patches shows this clearly. Apple needs to take an example, now chaos ….

I have the impression that the designers first worked in a hurry, and when they handed over the OS, they scored for correcting the sides. I do not see any other explanation. The banal arrangement of elements is different! PPC.

Does not hurt and redesign. Some elements should be changed to refresh the system, to give all of us new emotions. Do you agree?

2. E-mails without borders need new gestures

The new OS from Google received a revised system of gestures for frameless devices, which resembles the tenth iPhone. Let’s call it harmless theft.

But Google has finished all this. See, for example, to call the multitasking menu, use a clear svayp from the bottom edge of the screen up without showing off.

Applications in the Androyd are normally multitasking, they just need to be swept up. On the iPhone it’s harder and longer, it’s pointless.

And in the new system you can fully work with thumbnails in the menu of open applications, copy text from one and paste it into another. It’s super-comfortable.

3. It’s time to re-adjust the volume slider

It seems to me that in each such collection there should be an item about the volume adjustment slider from iPhone. To him several claims:

  1. He blocks the screen floor
  2. It can not be used by gestures
  3. Fine tuning is too deep
  4. There is no normal separation between notifications and applications

Everything is more pleasant in Androyde. On the right gets out a small slider that can be twisted with tapas. There is a button to go to the settings.

4. It’s time to make the camera smart

The first step has already been taken in the last ayOS. In the camera there was a mode of recognition of QR-codes, allocation from them of links for fast transition.

Yes, but the competitors have already gone further. A smart extension can be built into each Androyd camera, which recognizes objects in the viewfinder and offers actions with them.

With his help in theory, you can learn the name of the model of sneakers on a man, and in practice already translate the names from one language to the second and back.

Imagine, raise the iPhone, look like a camera and immediately translate the obscene inscription on the fence into Hebrew. That’s where the Emacing!

5. It is necessary to change the selection of text

I got acquainted with AIOC at the time of the fourth iPhone. It had the 5th version of the system, and until the eleventh, the selection of the text and the additional possibilities of working with it did not change. Evolution bypasses its side. I have a couple of questions for him:

  1. It works tight
  2. He is uncomfortable and cumbersome
  3. Set of add. unpredictable
  4. It is difficult to change the selection of the selection area

In the new Androide, it’s all different. Here is a simple selection that is convenient to use. Especially I like the two sliders from below it, which you can just pull where it is convenient. Pretty.

6. Need to use the statistics of the iPhone

In Google, this chip controls the time we spend on the smartphone.

For example, with the help of it it will be possible to determine that on Insta you can spend no more than 15 minutes a day. When they run out, the smartphone will remind you.

It turns out that Google like and wants to use its devices actively, but offers to limit the useless time spent. This is cool.

7. Notifications are time to again steal

Do you remember how notifications appeared in Eifona? Correctly, Apple brazenly stole it from Google five years ago. But since then the company has scored on the menu with them and did not pump.

The competition is different. Notifications get smarter with each release of the OS. Messages in it can be grouped at will, immediately disconnected and not only.

In general, Apple does not hurt to steal the notice again. Messages in it on iPhone would be cool at least group by application.

8. Car brushing needs to be smarter

Today on the iPhone, auto brightness is oriented only to the conditions of external lighting and a simple built-in algorithm that makes the screen lighter or darker.

In the new Androyd, everything is different. He analyzes how you change brightness in different conditions, and tries to predict its level.

For example, in the sun ds do not twist it to the maximum, so as not to plant the battery, and in the dark do not use the minimum level. That’s the right decision.

9. Energy efficiency is worth adjusting

In the latest chips Apple uses a special smart system to save battery. Several cores are needed to save power in simple tasks, and the rest are for maximum performance.

In Google they got acquainted with such processors much earlier, and in the new Androide they pass to the next level already programmatically.

Now the system analyzes the manner of using the device and turns on or off the background processes on its basis. For example, if you never use maps, geolocation will eat less than usual battery.

In Aiphon, batteries are generally modest in size, and developers should pay special attention to such a competitor’s policy.

10. It is time to develop the Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb mode can not be turned on without digging into the interface of iPhone, and this is bad. And Androyd can activate it if you put the smartphone on the table down the screen. It’s comfortable.

Imagine, at an important meeting with management and do not want to be distracted by notifications. Turning iPhone and quietly discussing the issues. This is more convenient than digging in it to turn the mode on and off.

And with such a chip cool in the bar. Throw the smartphone on the table screen down and just communicate with friends.

11. An iPhone needs to better monitor our sleep

Now in Aiphon there is a sleep mode. This chip analyzes how much we sleep and when we insert to suggest that it’s time to go to bed.

To prevent the time behind the smartphone before going to sleep, it is used distortion of colors on the screen. Like the rules.

But the developers of Google went further. When you need to sleep, they make the smartphone screen in black and white, so that we stop watching vidyushki and stick to the girls in Insta.

12. Epp need to pump machine learning

Smart battery usage and screen brightness control are just a couple of chips for which machine learning is responsible. In reality, there are more of them in Android, and Google puts it at the head.

For example, it helped the company to add a portrait mode to the shooting without a dual camera, and this achievement.

Apple needs to be pulled in this plan and catch up with the competitor, the technology is promising, the future is behind it.

And what if you stop dreaming?

It’s a pity, but now Apple is setting other tasks. The current system is buggy, and it bugs heavily. I see this perfectly on my seventh iPhone. Its optimization is the main goal of the developers.

But in the update, which will show in early summer, still can work on interface problems and the Do Not Disturb mode. I have not read anything else yet.

After the Google conference I was convinced that Apple was catching up. But Androyd still has problems, too. In the presented form, units can try it, the rest will spit from the shells of the manufacturers.

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