Yandex.Taxi office in Moscow set fire to a smoke bomb and demanded to reduce commission for drivers

According to the company, the police have already begun checking the incident.

Photo by Artem Nabatov from his instagram
Photo by Artem Nabatov from his instagram

May 15, unknown persons threw a smoke bomb at the office of the company “Yandex.Taxi” near the metro station “Paveletskaya” in Moscow. Photos from the action appeared in the profile of Instagram Artem Nabatov, in the service confirmed the fact of the incident.

Near the building, leaflets were left with criticism of the company, as well as the requirement to fix the commission for drivers at the level of “no more than 10%” and dismiss the head of the service of Tigran Khudaverdyan.

In social networks, the first shots appeared from the scene of the incident. An eyewitness photographed how the smoke from the checkers filled the space in front of the entrance to the building, and police and ambulance drove up to the office.

the Yandex.Taxi representative confirmed the incident and noted that the company had already reported to the police about the incident.

Near the entrance to the office, in which several Yandex services are based, including Yandex.Taxi, smoke occurred. It was quickly eliminated, now the office is working in a normal mode, all employees are at their workplaces. The police are investigating the incident now.

Vladimir Isayev
PR-director of Yandex.Taxi

According to the words of an employee of one of the Yandex projects that was in the business center, the fire alarm in the building did not work. “We took everyone out of the negotiations. Pressed on two different alarms – nothing works, “- he told ” Media Zone “. The source of the publication in the editorial office of “KinoPoisk” said that a few minutes after leaving the street, employees received SMS-messages about the need to leave the building.

In March, the drivers of Yandex.Taxi complained about the sharp increase in the commission in Moscow. According to motorists, in some cases they will have to give intermediaries almost 30% of the order amount, which does not meet market requirements.

In April, drivers staged an “all-Russian boycott” of the largest aggregators of taxi orders, having held an action in Moscow involving 300 people. Motorists who opposed Yandex.Taxi, Uber, Gett, also did not arrange high fees.

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