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Twitter will begin to hide the “diminishing significance of the dialogue” tweets from the threads to combat the trolls

Instead of deleting such messages will lose priority in the issuance

Twitter will hide tweets from trolls using a trained neural network so that they do not interfere with users’ dialogue. The company explained that such messages “diminish the importance” or “distort” the conversation, but do not violate the rules and can not be removed.

The founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey said that this is “one of the most important changes” that they introduced. Tweets from trolls will fall below all the answers and lose priority in the search results, and inside the conversation hide a special dice. Users will need to agree that they are ready to see these messages.

To suspicious will include profiles that do not have a confirmed email, there are several blocked tweets or many subscriptions to people who also look like trolls. In Twitter, they promised that the neural network would not hide the tweets from the trolls from the tape, so that people could see the content subscribed to.

In the guide Twitter explained that it is easier for them to change the principles of the algorithmic system than to introduce new prohibitions against trolls. Thanks to this, they will be able to deploy a system of priority reduction in all languages ​​and around the world. The function will start in the next two weeks.

In March 2017, twitter began to mark accounts with “potentially delicate content” to make the social network less hostile to users. Since 2014 in the social network can also completely ignore other people’s tweets and hide unwanted users from the tape.

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