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Scientists boiled water in one trillionth of a second

Swedish scientists managed to warm up water in a record short time. Using a special laser, the temperature of the liquid rose to 100 degrees Celsius for one tenth of a picosecond – or one trillionth of a second.

Thus, experts set a kind of record, but the achievement has a practical advantage. Experts say that future experiments with water heating and observation of its properties make it possible to better establish the characteristics of this liquid.

To warm up water it was possible the shortest flashes of x-rays. Usually, when the molecule is heated, the molecules begin to move more actively and thus their temperature rises. This happens when, for example, using a kettle.

The laser can literally knock out electrons from water molecules, which destroys the balance of electrical charges. Atoms, recognizing tremors, begin to move more actively. Water under such conditions becomes a plasma – under natural conditions on this planet this liquid can not reach such a state. The characteristics were similar to plasma on the Sun and Jupiter.

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