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Report from the exhibition TIBO-2018 in Minsk

Today, the exhibition TIBO-2018 opened, which this year is held in a new venue – in the Minsk Arena on Pobediteley Avenue, 111 – and a bit in the new concept. The square in the center is occupied by a huge stand of the Park of High Technologies, united under the name “IT-country Belarus”, other exhibitors of different level of significance are located along the perimeter. Belarusian mobile operators MTS, velcom and Beltelecom are traditionally represented here, but we could not find life 🙂 from the pounce.

The exhibition welcomes the first visitors with brutal guards, after acquaintance with which the level of interest to TIBO-2018 is for some time decreasing. After passing several perimeters of protection, we find ourselves in a huge hall with the companies and enterprises represented here. The logic of placement has remained the same: in the center should be placed someone larger and more interesting, on the sides there are smaller firms, as well as educational institutions.

The velcom operator’s booth takes a place closer to the entrance and looks familiar – it does not really change the last few exhibitions. This year, the company began promoting the concept of “smart home”, which in the launch package is a basic system. The central hub is a hub to which almost any periphery can be connected: sensors, sensors and so on.

The launch of the platform is scheduled for late summer 2018, until then it will be run-in and testing. As  told in velcom company, the operator will guarantee the work with the tested components, and the remaining users will connect at their own peril and risk. By and large, the subscriber is offered a platform and a hub, rather than an extended set of equipment.

In addition to a smart home, IPTV is being promoted under the Voka brand.

The operator of MTS takes a place next to the Huawei stand and also actively promotes digital services – all in the same concept of “Internet of things”. In particular, we are talking about a solution for dispatching and automating data collected from gas and water meters. Test zones are already deployed, information is collected and analyzed on the basis of NB-IoT technology.

The exhibition features a smart collar for cows, measuring the basic indicators of animal health, a multisensor for determining the parameters of the environment inside the premises Djinn Sensor, a platform for remote medical advice, cloud services. In addition, the operator actively promotes the service of electronic digital signature and Internet banking for legal entities.

The company also deployed a game zone at the exhibition, taking care of the pastime for younger children. Those who are more senior, for certain will go to look at the shooting gallery organized by military men – there it is possible to shoot on virtual targets. And the huge drones will surely attract attention.

The operator “Beltelecom” brought to the exhibition a natural tank (with the help of Wargaming, of course). On the eve of the company announced the tariffs of the line “YASNA” for gamers, of which we wrote the day before. In particular, when connecting to “JASNA Gaming” as a bonus, the player will be granted an unlimited premium account in the World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes, as well as the premium tank T-44-100 (B).

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