Putin opened the Crimean bridge at KamAZ. For everyone it will open in a day


“Let’s go,” the president said before the trip.

In Crimea, officially opened the automobile part of the Crimean bridge, which connected Tamansky and the Crimean peninsula. The first on it passed Vladimir Putin, who got behind the wheel of the construction “KamAZ” and headed the column of equipment with which to construct the construction.

Putin, who told the builders “Let’s go” before the trip, was not alone in the booth: he was accompanied by the head of the construction of the Crimean bridge and the head of SGM-Most, a subsidiary of the general contractor.

Contractor: We though cheerfully reported, still it was scary. Because the first piles were beaten for 12-15 days. We thought where we would go in time.

Vladimir Putin: Yes, they told me. Scared, then?

Contractor: Yes, at first they were frightened, there was such a feeling.

conversation in the “Kamaz”, a quote on the plot of “Russia 24”

The column departed from Taman at 14:48 Moscow time and in 20 minutes will arrive on the Crimean coast in Kerch. There will be a rally and a concert for builders.

In social networks, there were questions about whether Putin had long ago obtained a driving license for truck management. President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that he received category C rights “about 20 years ago”.

Although the opening was held on May 15, traffic for all motorists will be opened only on May 16 at 5:30 Moscow time. The maximum speed is 90 kilometers per hour.

Live broadcast of “Russia 24” from the opening of the Crimean bridge. The episode with Putin – from 8:50
The Crimean bridge is the longest bridge in Russia, its length is 19 kilometers. The general contractor was “Stroygazmontazh” Arkady Rotenberg, the cost of the project – 228.3 billion rubles.

In fact, the design is a railway and automobile bridges that run in parallel. The railway is promised to be launched in 2019.

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