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Lenovo patented laptop with a flexible triple screen

The company Lenovo received a patent for a laptop with three displays – one main and two additional ones in the form of “ears”. The application was issued as early as 2016. It describes a device with a flexible screen of OLED-panels, which can be fully expanded. In this case, the device receives two displays – in front and behind the main display.

A hybrid laptop is equipped with a pair of cameras and at least one microphone. The documents note that a similar design can be used not only for computers, but also for smartphones and tablets.

Many large companies work on the creation of mobile devices with flexible screens, among them Samsung, Huawei, Oppo and some others. It is expected that Samsung and Huawei can present such devices until the end of this year.

Recall, last year the company Razer presented at the CES 2017 exhibition Project Valerie, equipped with three screens with a total diagonal of 17.3 inches and a total resolution of 11520 × 2160 pixels. During the exhibition, he was stolen, but later the laptop showed up at one of the Chinese auctions.

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