Into! Samsung Galaxy S9 is a third faster than the iPhone X for LTE speed

Samsung said that the cellular module in the Galaxy S9 is 42% faster than its competitors.

To assess the speed, the company used the popular Speedtest test. It turned out that among the iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 and two generations of Galaxy S7, the new Galaxy S9 was the fastest. Results:

• Galaxy S9 is 37% faster than the iPhone X
• Galaxy S9 is 17% faster than Pixel 2
• The Galaxy S9 is 38% faster than the Galaxy S7

Is it really worth to trust this test so much? Yes, the modem, perhaps, is really more powerful, but the real speed can be very different.

It all depends on the user’s location and the state of the environment (clear weather, rain and so on). In addition, the speed of work can affect and working applications, and the operator of cellular communications.

And the increase of 37% is not so great. In fact, only faster loading of web sites will be noticeable (a difference of about 1-2 seconds). Samsung ]

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