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Facebook news application Paper

Facebook announced the application Paper – its own analogue Flipboard for reading and creating news. The press service of the company reports  .
Paper will be available for download on the iPhone starting from February 3, but only for users in the US. When they can be used in other countries and on other platforms, it is not reported.

The application allows you to read materials on different topics, adjusting to the interests of the user. Paper was the first product of the Facebook creative laboratory, which is developing new ways of communication between people.

Unlike conventional news aggregators, Paper allows you to read not only Internet publications, but also stories from friends from Facebook. Users of the social network can create their own records inside the application, adding photos and geolocation marks, marking friends, putting the likes and commenting on other notes.

The main screen of the application is divided into two parts: the top displays large images from the articles, and the bottom lists tabs with thematic sections and updates. TechCrunch lists an exemplary list of standard sections: sports, world news, cute selections, business, photos, food and “ideas” – all sorts of creative materials that are updated daily.

Facebook claims that content will appear not only from popular Internet publications, but also from ordinary users whose entries are gaining popularity. The content of the sections will be processed both by automatic algorithms and by live Facebook editors.

The application has some innovative gestures for content management: for example, a large photo can be dragged left and right by turning the iPhone to the sides, and to switch between the preview and the reading of the article, new gestures are used, keeping the finger on the photo. The gesture of turning over the covers of articles – “flipping” – is clearly borrowed from Flipboard.

The day before Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg  voiced the future strategy of conquering the mobile market with applications separate from the main client for Facebook. Similar to the Facebook Messenger messaging application, the Paper news feed will serve as a separate place for consuming content.

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