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Data of 3 million Facebook users collected through a psychology test and posted to the public

This is the second major leak in the social network after the scandal with Cambridge Analytica.

Researchers at Cambridge University have placed collected through your own application data of three million users of Facebook on insufficiently protected site, has found out edition of New Scientist.

Employees of the university collected information through the application myPersonality, which allows you to pass a psychological test and get instant results. Then the user of the social network was asked to share answers and personal data from the profile with the authors of the project.

For four years, anyone could enter the site where the test participants were placed. As noted by New Scientist, it took less than a minute and one search in the search service to get the password.

Since 2007, when researchers launched myPersonality, more than six million people have passed the test, but only half of them agreed to share their data. To get access to the full set of information, it was necessary to register a co-author of the project: it was done by more than 280 people from almost 150 universities and companies, including Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. In fact, myPersonality was not only an educational, but also a commercial project, although the companies agreed to comply with data protection procedures and did not receive money directly.

Facebook began to study myPersonality and many other applications on the platform after the scandal with data leakage of 50 million users, including Mark Zuckerberg himself . According to New Scientist, on April 7, the social network suspended the application for psychological tests.


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