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Critics divided in their views on the “trash” action movie “Deadpool 2”

Film critics had time to watch the expected blockbuster “Deadpool 2” and already published the first reviews. It seems that the action sequel was a success: the average rating on RottenTomatoes is 85%, the majority of ratings at the level of 4/5. At the same time, not everyone appreciated the low-grade humor, which at the same time is considered the highlight of the film.

Browser Screen Rant notes that “Deadpool 2” has retained all the main features of the original: excellent action, specific humor and dramatic moments. The journalist called the second part more ambitious and successful compared to the debut film.

With a colleague, the CBR resource critic agrees: he calls the militant a merry film with a good cast. In the film, by the way, starred Ryan Reynolds, Morena Bakkarin, Josh Brolin and other very well-known actors.

Resource Collider called the film strange: “On the one hand, the film is as you would expect: dirty jokes are flying at you with bloody violence. But on the other hand, under the stream of abuse and references to superhero films, there is the true story of Deadpool, which teaches to fight for someone else’s sake, not for oneself . 

The EW website notes that it turned out to be the “sequel that we deserved, and not which one we need.” Critic Josh Spiegel from / Film and did put 3 points out of 10, calling “Deadpool 2” a memo generator, not a film. He also added that the film “is as disgusting as the predecessor, if not worse.”

The premiere of the militant in Belarus will be held on May 17.

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