Charger smartphone burned SUV in the US

Twenty-one-year-old Trevor Susla was driving on a highway in North Dakota when the charger from the smartphone in his Nissan Xterra caught fire. The device was on the center console, and the driver quickly noticed the fire that had started. The details of the incident are reported by the resource

Trevor managed to stop and run out of the car. While he was calling for help, the SUV completely burned down. By the time the firefighter arrived, the car was completely destroyed, the highway in the direction of Nissan’s traffic was blocked for only ten minutes.

It is noted that it was not the smartphone that caught fire, but the charger. The model of the gadget is not named.

Earlier recorded cases of fire smartphones and power banks, and not necessarily during charging. Some incidents could lead to serious consequences: there were reports of burning devices aboard passenger liners.

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