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“Businessman from England” lured $ 16.8 thousand from the Mogilev oblast through social networks

Women of middle age are the most convenient objects for network heartthrobs. This time, with no money and faith in people left a resident of Mogilev. In social networks, she met a “businessman from the United Kingdom” (an attractive man in the photo, a white man with a decent appearance), they corresponded with them for a year. Finally, the “foreigner” matured in order to move to his beloved in Mogilev. You just have to close the business, and for this you need some kind of free amount.

Oksana Solenyuk, the official representative of the investigation department of the Mogilev region Investigative Committee, says that the correspondence lasted about a year. During this time, the feelings became stronger. The UK clarifies that it was not necessarily the interlocutor who was in the UK that the photo was present, and indeed that it was not a collective of authors who could patiently process women for 40. Social networks and the online translator are excellent tools for such communication.

In the process of correspondence, the “man” reported that he has businesses in the UK and even Nigeria (this for some reason did not alert the victim). In the end (but not hurrying the events), the groom did not resist the charms of the Belarusians, he decided to quit everything and go to Belarus. A potential investor was only held back by the need to settle matters with the closure of the business. He explained that money is needed for this – the lady agreed to give. Subsequently, I sent several translations. Of course, the online partner promised to give everything, moreover, he once even sent $ 2,2 thousand. After such a confident man, the Belorussian continued to sponsor him.

“British businessman” fell out of love with the woman after she transferred a total of $ 16.8 thousand. Belorus began to suspect something … Now the identity of her abuser is established by the police and the UK.

Oksana Solenyuk reminded that this is not the first such case. It is noteworthy that in a similar situation another resident of Mogilev refused to believe in dishonesty of the boyfriend until the last, insisted that with him, probably, something just happened …

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