Why did I completely abandon Apple Watch and do not regret it

May is traditionally the month of shish kebabs, rest and idleness. But for me it’s a great time to change the situation, learn something new, see other cities, get acquainted with interesting people and gain new impressions.

So I stopped wearing Apple Watch. Absolutely.

The last time I wore a normal watch more than a year ago, but for all the time I did not work with my Casio G-Shock GB-6900B, nothing happened – the battery does not even sit down, Bluetooth connects perfectly to my iPhone, and the rubber strap does not become sticky.

After 14 days, I can say with certainty that the experiment was a success: the absence of Apple Watch on the hand makes life more intense.

And that’s why.

Minus one gadget – minus one wire

Going to any trip for more than 2 days, the AW charging cable must be taken with you, you know. However, in addition to the cable, you need not forget the plug, and so in the place of my residence it becomes one less outlet.

It’s not scary, if you travel with a minimal set of gadgets. But in my backpack there is always a MacBook, Nintendo Switch, and in the pocket of the iPhone. I usually charge my gadgets for the night, and together with Apple Watch I need to find 4 sockets, preferably close to each other.

Without AW, I only need 2 outlets, one for charging the MacBook and the iPhone, and the other for the portable console. Agree that the 2 sockets at the bed found much easier than 4, in any apartment or hotel room.

With surprise, I caught myself thinking that I really like not to think about charging my watch. It’s so cool: an accessory that shows the time, you can just put on your hand and take it off. AND ALL!

On the hand you watch the time. For everything else there is a smartphone

My Apple Watch receives notifications from instant messengers, mail and social networks. There are days when the gadget on the hand vibrates constantly, forcing to be distracted and to check that there has happened such an important thing in the world.

You will not believe, but if notifications are not given by vibration in the wrist, nothing terrible happens!

Without AW, I rarely get the iPhone out of my pocket. Less often I check mail and sotsseti. I look around more, communicate and stay focused in the work.

Those of you who do not have an Apple Watch may think, “just do not pay attention to the vibration on your hand, and it will have the same effect,” but the owners of the AW will confirm that you can not just take yourself not to look at the Apple gadget screen , when he starts to vibrate on your arm.

Within a few years of owning an AW, it just became a habit that distracts and dispels my attention. And it became obvious only when I spent without Apple Watch not one or two, but all 14 days of May.

The lack of an abundance of information on my wrist was not so terrible: I take out the smartphone when I really need something to check, write or find out. And this happens much less than I expected, leaving Apple Watch at home.

You can find out which hour is invisible, lol

An important plus of ordinary hours is the opportunity to learn the time stealthily, without turning your wrist and not poking your finger at the screen. During conversations, gatherings and at boring events, this opportunity is a great help, without making me an uncultured person.

Even in the darkness of the cinema, it’s not difficult to see the time, it’s good that my Casio has a highlight. Thus, I can find out the time in any situation, invisibly and without attracting attention. Apple Watch so do not know how, unfortunately.

My simple clock is also smart. But in moderation

I did not accidentally mention at the beginning of the article the possibility of connecting my Casio with the iPhone via Bluetooth. The clock is a little clever, just enough to help and not distract.

I can set them up so that Casio vibrates in case of an incoming call, mentions in Facebook, Twitter and the useless Weibo in our latitudes.

This is enough that there was no “breaking” without Apple Watch. After 3 days I turned off the vibration altogether and do not feel any inconvenience so far.

When I first bought my Apple Watch, I eagerly looked at every notice, threw up my hand at any vibration. And then it began to seem to me that the clock was vibrating, although it was not so.

At some point, I had to literally struggle with the desire to put my hand to my face and to check whether any notice had come, or not?

Abandoning AW, I got rid of this stupid addiction in 14 days.

What will make me wear an Apple Watch again?

Started working days, and on my hand is still an ordinary watch. I’m already used to their unpretentiousness: they do not need to be charged, afraid of scratching or waving their hand to see the time.

I do not need to constantly measure my pulse or see the time of sunset. Never used the exercise “Breath” or Apple Pay with the help of AW – this is also inconvenient. It’s much faster to attach a smartphone to the terminal, and you do not need to turn your hand


The only function Apple Watch, which I was a little sorry for – the ability to rewind tracks in Apple Music. But then I discovered that in my Casio there is a similar function, with the help of physical buttons. However, I did not use it: get an iPhone to switch the track – it’s a matter of a couple of seconds.

Proceeding from this, the only thing that can again make me return to Apple Watch is their new design, preferably round. Until then, I will enjoy ordinary watches that perfectly show time and do not distract me every minute with notices.

Try, owners of Apple Watch, maybe you do not even need a smart watch?

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